Leaving Peru for Brooklyn via Pittsburg

Zinnia on Broadway and 6th in Peru IN

I love being here in Peru, alas the journey contiues in the morning to Fort Wayne, my brother says they need some flowers there.  I do plan on coming back this way in spring, I really wanted to paint in Chicago> I wonder what Mrs. Obama’s favorite flower is?  I will save that for Spring, and of course, DC.  I also just missed the “cacafanie of flowers ” here at Uncle Mark and Rob’s (it’s Rob’s Green thumb I hear) and I hear June would be the best month to paint the flowers from the garden.  I would love being so close to my nephews for a month or so.

Chris and Anne holding Lily

I would like to thank all of Peru, but most of all my dear friends Antoinette, Chris and their son.  This journey continues to be better then I imagined.

I am still getting my rhythm down, staying on top of the computer part is proving to be a challenge… and I just washed and dried my iPod Shuffle.  I might have to stop at and get another on the way out of town.  I wish there was a local grown electronic store… which reminds me, I also left the power cord to my little hd camara…. I’ll have to order one from Canon to meet me in Northern Virginia.

Adam at SW with A LaHue

Here in Peru, it was Adam who hooked me up with 4 gallons of paint for the Cross-Country Random Acts of Flowers.  Very Cool!  Chris had gone in there the day before as they had watched me paint the Zinnia.  It was very generous and kind!

Bren from “It’s New to You” on the corner of Broadway and 6th in Peru, ordered two sunflowers… Here is the one she faced out towards the street!

In front of Bren's new Sunflower
In front of Bren's new Sunflower

Off to Pittsburg tomorrow, via Ft. Wayne.

Cross fingers for a magnificent Indian Summer!






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