The Cross-Country Random Acts of Flowers Video plus Brooklyn and Harlem

The re-vamped version of the “Cross-Country Random Acts of Flowers” video arrived tonight.  We tweaked it for an art magazine,  I can’t get over how good Chapa’s Music sounds over it…. and it would not even be, if not for Michael Regalbutto!

Last night I stayed at one of my oldest friends new homes with his new wife.  He an I shared a house with a couple other housemates in Tyson’s Corner Virginia… they let me live there, because we were/are all HUGE Steely Dan fans.  His place is further out in Brooklyn, on a nice street with flowers still blooming.  I sure do love this city, when I lived in New York, I rarely went to Brooklyn.  I feel like I am discovering the “American Paris” and it feels fresh and exciting…  New York has a way of stealing your heart.  Slide show for this, click on the link below.

Arriving to the Coast, NYC and Brooklyn from PA on the Cross-Country Random Acts of Flowers Journey!

I had the greatest sense of Europe when I arrived in Brooklyn Heights to visit another friend, who was off to assist one of her final yoga classes before being an official instructor. I spotted a place to paint just after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s in the slide show.  I stopped by and called the Lease Manager who is going to ask permission from the boss.  Cross fingers everyone!  I made a few of those calls today,… with a generally good response from the people who answered the phones and who will be pitching the owners.  My Yogi friend spent the day with me, walking about Cobble Hill and experiencing one goose bump moment after another.  We just had to laugh when we met the “love guy” in the previous post, and he touched on every single subject we had talked about in the last hour .  Yes, all in Perfect Time!   Here are today’s pictures with possible “random act” sites!Cross Country Random Acts of Flowers, NYC

I’m here in Harlem staying with a good friend of mine, who I modeled with, back in the day…  and spotted a place to paint just one corner down.  I’ve scoped it out a few times now, as we walked down a few blocks to “the shrine” a great live music venue where we had a musical as well as culinary feast.  There are record covers plastered on the walls as well as African masks and other musical paraphernalia.  It was too dark to take pictures and the little video I tried to do, coincided with the arrival of our meal, I’m still working on honing those skills and the timing that goes along with them.  Picture of Harlem and with luck, some flowers, check back tomorrow.

And if you are wondering about the parking.  I have a giant “Parking Genie” for my most amazing magical “Dan Mobile!”

It’s drizzling, washing off the buildings for me!  😉

Cheers!  Andrea LaHue


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