Jack in DC..

This is Jack an admirer of this Rose I was painting. I just barley finished and this guy pulled up and started yelling.. Property manager. Mind you half of the block was like this.. A blight on the city… He called me names etc. In any case… I was just about to sign it and write HOPE as crazy showed up. He could not hear or see… If you know what I mean…

Shine a light.


One thought on “Jack in DC..

  1. yea for Jack! Bless the Gentle Jacks of this world. As for the turd of a building owner..was he afraid the paint might help hold it up?

    Our lily is so gorgeous..I need to download my pix and send them. I’m in a super crazy mode right now. My Houston Pal goes back to Indy Airport tomorrow for her jaunt to Columbus, OH and on home late week. We’ve had fun just drifting..too much to do..

    I’ve heard nothing back from the Children’s Services lady in Wabash. Not to worry about that project. Joey


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