chicago Mike


3 thoughts on “chicago Mike

  1. Hi Chicago Mike! Greetings, Artist Andrea! Did you help Andrea with this project? I spent some tough, hot time yesterday pruning out some expired gallardia (Black Eyed Susan) flowers at a club where I care about how things look. Let’s hope this “board” brings love to the spot it adorns!

    From Peru, Indiana, to Chicago–Hiiiideho!!! Joey Cole Kubesch


  2. Hi Joey! Thank you for your amazing support of the Random Acts of Flowers! We will be thinking of you tomorrow in Omaha Nebraska! There is a nice feeling to the town and I look forward to exploring and spreading flowers there tomorrow!

    I spotted how well cared for those flowers where when you took me to the lovely dinner and patriotic music night there in Kokomo! Very special! Also thought of you at Panera today… best cup of coffee for 400 miles!

    Love from me, the dawgis and Omaha!


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