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  1. how on Earth can you manage all that driving? Kokomo and back makes my hip joints scream! How far can your “kids” go between potty and leg-stretching breaks?

    Wishing you safety and success..light a lamp and brighten this world one board/flower at a time! Have you ever done a Korean Spice
    Bush? There’s a handsome one at Mom’s that’s been at full flower for a month now..through awful heat spell. I’ll try to send you my photo from today.

    Also, we lived near Omaha 6 years..at SAC Hdq. in Bellevue. Hope our drizzle gets to East Coast in time to block Hurricane Earl!–Joey


    1. Hi Joey! I only rent the coffee and beverages ;)… so the fourleggeds get a break often… and jump around the cab as if it was their living room..
      I have’t painted a Korean Spice, but will look it up once at my folks.

      I managed the state flower in Cheyenne… the building just next to it would have been a prime spot… “Jim” the realtor would have loved it… black boards all around, but he couldn’t get the owners to agree…. I prefer not asking, but in the very small conservative towns, it seems like a good idea.

      Salt Lake City today… cross fingers. xoxo A.


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