Happy Thanksgiving

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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. That sunflower gives me hope that our Earth may again open and send forth the flowers! Andrea: my Mom died Friday. It’s been a really tough couple of weeks; she contracted a galloping pneumonia. I have to think it was viral..two antibiotics didn’t touch it. ‘Got a spare prayer?–I’d appreciate it..your pal Joey

    “See You Later, Bia!”

    It’s been an amazing, exhausting but exhilarating bunch of days! I don’t count by the calendar, but more by arrivals and departures

    Of Maryalice’s arrival 12 hours after Mom sprouted her wings. MAK had visitation and funeral plans all laid.

    Of Polly’s tag-teaming with me at Bia’s bedside, cooling her brow and stroking her hair. Polly sent Pattycake and me to her house for princess games with Finley and a nap for me. Then, when we were told by the visiting nursing home gerontology specialist..tapping mom’s chest at arm’s length with his stethoscope–“yep! she’ll go today..I can tell even though they didn’t teach us this in medical school!” (and having Polly report she detained him with questions when he clearly planned to do a touch and go. (she went into her “Wills and Trusts Lawyer Mode!” and made him deal with her questions.

    Of Jay lucking out with a first class seat instead of a bare bones jumpseat, from FTL. Jay also had his eulogy mostly gelled in his mind.

    Of Joe’s ex-wife granting him a non-scheduled visit with their four sons so that he could bring them to Peru. His ex also sent me a note of condolence.

    Of Joe’s wife, Leila, searching out sky blue ties (the color of Bia’s eyes) for Joe and the boys and even MAKING ONE TIE FOR COLE. Leila also made sure Joe’s sons had suits, shoes, belts and dress shirts for the occasion.

    Of Kurt, Marta, Casey and Jolie interrupting their Florida vacation to rush to Peru for Bia’s visitation and funeral.

    Of the arrival of friends and neighbors with treats, hugs, and sympathy. We’re hearing a universal comment: Your mom was…”Beautiful, gentile, quiet, always helpful, etc.” Of being able to share our tremendous bounty of comfort food with the less fortunate of Miami and surrounding counties.

    Favorite: Cole, Joe’s youngest, in the kitchen with new suit jacket shoved down into his new suit pants and cinched with belt outside…like an Elvis jumpsuit. My questioning him: Is your belt too loose?–“Yep, Maw..I made it fit like this.” Those tighter belt holes did not get punched til we relaxed at the funeral dinner!

    Highlight, and tear-splashing moment was 12 Grandkids proceeding up the aisle with a white lily each, to place in a vase at the altar. (Why can’t we see the pomp and love of our own funerals?)

    As I keep saying to friends: I KNEW Mom had made it to Heaven to Dad’s side, as I saw a SUN DOG above Clay Terrace Mall as I headed for Peru on Friday. Dad keeps in touch with these beautiful natural elements. He’d always explain how it’s created..by the sun hitting ice crystals in the clouds, even when I had become a Granny! Google sun dog for mind-expansion.

    Through the crazy schedules, quick trips to Carmel, and overnights beside Mom’s recliner where I slept last Wednesday and Thursday, my beloved Pattycake Black Lab gave countless “Lab Tests” to Mom as she tried to heal bruises and cuts on Mom’s tired arms. ‘Don’t think I have a human pal who’d cleave that tightly to my side in a sure knowledge that I’m needy.

    If you stuck with me this far, you’re super Buddies. I wanted to get this in writing. Love and thanks for being in my Balcony. This one’s gonna hurt. Though my golf buddy left 15+ years ago, my Bia just flew to Heaven for a super “promotion” from her life of being bossed, cleaned, lotioned, and having her poor cavity-ridden “teef” brushed (Margaret the lovely care giver answered my query about dental hygiene with:”Miss Alice don’t liketa brush her teef! She tell me ta go ta hell!”

    Blessings through my tears of remembrance, Joey


    1. Dearest Joey,
      My thoughts are with you this holiday season.
      As you are so very special and wonderfully spunky, I am sure your Mother was the same. May she be enjoying her time with her husband, out there in the great beyond. I am sure she is very proud of you and your family as is your father.
      Thank you for writing a little about your heart, on the blog post.
      And yes, take heart, flowers will bloom again.
      Much love and respect,
      Andrea, and my bosom buddies, Lily and Buckley


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