Thinking about my last day in Brooklyn

My Ford Truck, chariot of the Cross country Random Acts of Flowers
The Dan Mobile, ready to go, on 19th Street and Beverley Road in Brooklyn, NY.

I left Brooklyn 25 days ago today and I can say, New York City left its’ mark.

I listened to NPR on the radio the entire time I was there, as I am now, with just a few exceptions.  They were Stevie Wonder, when I needed to lift my spirits, and “Getting into the Vortex” the guided meditations from Esther and Jerry Hicks, as “downloaded” to them via the “teachings of Abraham.”  The CD came out while I was there.  I receive their daily emails, you can sign up on their website.  They posted readings from the book/cd for about a month before they came out.  You can learn more here on their website. .  I must say, they were a life-saver – as the city was a huge adjustment for me, as juxtaposed to the open road.  My room mate had a really good insight about it.  Condensed.  Intensely condensed energy in the city of New York and its’ boroughs.

Lily and Buckley LaHue, they are ready to hit the road again!
My "muttlets" Lily and Buckley, ready to go wherever the road takes them.

Lily and Buckley, my two “muttlets” were ready to go, leaving the cold and the city behind.   They experienced their first blizzard and many feet of snow, as well as living in an apartment…. with a cat, Basil… who Buckley chased every chance he got.  Lily on the other hand, would have loved to hang out with that cool cat.

I keep wanting to sum up my experience in New York/Brooklyn this time around.  What did it mean to me?  What did I learn?  Why did I go?  Why did I need it?  I have some really good ideas… the most obvious one, and the most true, for the experience.  These where’s and why’s will come in future posts, but another obvious reason is for the media, photo’s mostly, I took while there.

Initially, I had an offer from a friend who needed a room mate for a couple of months, at an incredibly low rent.  I also went to make some money for the main goal of : 1. sustaining myself and 2. putting the media together for the “Cross Country Random Acts of  Flowers” project.   Within a week, I got a job waiting tables at a 3 star Italian restaurant called Convivio.  It was a perfect job for the moment and enabled me to get up and running… yet I was unable to concentrate on the media from the “Cross Country Random Acts of Flowers Journey”  which is over 20,000 photo’s strong.

At the moment, I am just outside Nashville, staying with a friend who is hosting me for a little bit and giving me great advise as I put the media from the journey together and upgrading my entire “computer interface” with the world.

Here are the website addresses that are being upgraded: or

and as well as this one.

Cheers!  ‘Till next time….

Heading from Brooklyn to NYC.
Heading out of Brooklyn to NYC on my way out of town.

4 thoughts on “Thinking about my last day in Brooklyn

  1. If you are staying just outside of Nashville ( NashVegas as we locals from back there like to call it :o) you are VERY close to my old stomping grounds ! Lovely country & sweet people ! Enjoy your stay & the Southern Hospitality !! Are you on the North or South side of NashVegas ?? My best friend/accomplice/old schoolmate/best secret keeper/sharer in learning Heavy Metal in life lives is White House TN,( South End, a suburb of sorts of Nashville.) HAVE fun & Safe travels my Gypsy Friend :o)


    1. Hi Connie!
      I am very close to White House! Nashville is lovely and I am enjoying the Southern hospitality here, very charming. I spotted a great building in town to do a Random Act of Flower on!… maybe after the rains. 😉


  2. “I Get Around”–by the Beach Boys, should be your themesong. You had it made out in sunny CA–what possessed you to go to the big Apple?

    We’re forecast to get a big show tonight..we Hoosiers don’t panic; it’s sure to be 50 in a few days.

    Godspeed..Joey and the Lab Testers


    1. Joey, I know, that’s what everyone says… I’m sure it was the right thing, although hard.

      A giant storm just swept by here and I was a little worried about a twister, but it looks like we are clear.

      I saw some baby calves in a field on the weekend, thought about you and all your new lovelies… glad it will be warmer for them soon.

      Big Love to Pattycake from us, and for you too. x A.


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