Tennessee Governor’s Breakfast

This morning I joined my friend at the Governor’s breakfast in Nashville. We had to be up and out of the house by 5:45 am, which was no easy task… But I am so glad we went. Governor Haslam was just off his state of the state address last night and was never the less bright eyed and very personable. Education was a big theme, the culture of education is the key. He also mentioned that state government employees needed to understand what it was like to have capital at risk. I.e. How much money it costs to have a permit sitting on a desk for a week. If they understood what was happening out in the field and what’s on the line during the time a permit is waiting on a desk for approval. Bottom line, government and business are no different. They need a great team to make it work from the cabinet members to the teachers.

It also turns out Japan and Tennessee have a very close relationship. Japan has 15 billion dollars invested here in Tennessee. They are keeping the lines of communication open and will aid Japan any way they are able.

Overall he also sees his job as selling Tennessee as a place to bring business.

Selling points: No income tax, great location, nice climate, beautiful nature, plenty of water and good ol’ Southern hospitality, all of it, I am enjoying.

From the road… Your friendly flower painter.

Andrea LaHue


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