Nashville Tennessee Gets an Iris


Lily LaHue on the first actual Random Act of 2011
Lily Loves her job on the Random Act of Flower Journey


Yesterday I painted my first actual Cross Country Random Act of  Flower in Nashville.  It was beautiful out, pushing 75 degrees and I had already spotted a building that needed a little spot of brightness.

Nashville is about 45 minutes from where I am staying and organizing the media from the 20 thousand photos, literally, I have taken on the cross-country flower missions.  It’s  a bit daunting and I have not felt like I have made any headway as to how to proceed.  I decided to employ my trusty THE ARTISTS WAY,  spiritual path to higher creativity by Julia Cameron.  I found a used hardback at a local second-hand book store.  I have had great success in the past with this, so I am writing my three pages every morning, and this time, using some strategies from THE SECRET.  Getting my head out of the computer and painting my flowers is the creative impulse I know will bridge the gap.

So yesterday was the day.  Saint Patrick’s day… and I did it, drove into the city and painted an Iris, the Tennessee state flower, on this little white abandon building on the Broadway freeway connector.

Lily loves her job, as does Buckley.  They take care of the Dan Mobile as I am painting, alert me to anyone coming up, as I am generally lost in the moment.


St. Patty's Iris in Nashville by Andrea LaHue
First Iris painted in Nashville, St. Patrick's Day 2011



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