Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk, April 14 2011

Downtown LA at Dusk

Not having gone to the Los Angeles Downtown Artwalk for over a year, I was incredibly surprised at the spectacle of people.  I met two friends at 5th and Main, one living in Hawaii, the other from Northern Virginia, out on business.  I had met my friend from Hawaii at an artwalk about 7 years earlier.  It is a whole new scene.  Back in the day, there was mostly artists and art enthusiasts walking around.  Pharmica and Bert Green’s Gallery were the center, for me anyway.  There was a super cool “speak-easy” around 2nd and Main, where you had to know the password, and you went into a smokey downstairs with a couple of bars, a cool band and DJ and people playing cards and smoking their medicine.  It was an amazing atmosphere, impossible to recreate.

Screen Prints from the BlueCanvas shindig

One of the first places we went into was on the corner of Spring and 5th, otherwise known as the Spring Arts Tower.  In the bottom floor was the BlueCanvas event.  They had lots of booths and cool things going on like live painting, tattooing, screen printing and there were computers set up all around.  I must not forget the SCION DJ car.  They are innovative over there at BlueCanvas.

The crowd was starting to thicken just as we left and headed to the food trucks, which was totally new since I had last visited the artwalk.  I would generally eat at the Vietnamese place on Main Street.   I think I will make a trip for Vietnamese next time I’m in downtown.  It might be called Bloom?

Man One is a Rock Star for graffiti artist, street artists and all who love them.

I love that CREWEST is still alive and kicking.  Man One, the man over there, always has a show with good pieces up.  The shows are usually small pieces in a theme, making it a good place to start your art collection.   He’s involved with all sorts of things and will be at MOCA for the big graffiti show opening.  Crewest also has a screening at the gallery this weekend.  It’s called “Vigilante, Vigilante” and he says it’s about two old guys who cover graffiti with their own graffiti.  Would that be street art?  Go on Sunday and decide for yourself.

Steve Linden in front of his interactive art mobile
Steve Linden in front of his interactive art mobile

A big highlight for me was the interactive Art caravan by Steve Linden.  He was parked out on Main and there was a line-up to see his giant kaleidoscopic and check out the other art in and on his mobile gallery.  I actually just saw the car again.  Parked in front of Trader Joe’s on Vine near Hollywood Blvd.  I think he must have been inside.  I know when I was on the road, TJ’s was always a welcome site.  He is from Pensilvania and had the art mobile shipped out.  He seemed to be letting himself be guided by “the force” and planned to drive around Cali for a bit, then head back East.

Steve Lindens Kaleidescope at the Downtown LA Artwalk

On the card Linden gave me it says “Art Novelties” before all his contact info and Linden Land on the back.   Linden is sharing his art and his free spirit with everyone.  I felt a kinship in his great desire to cross the country with his message of inspiration and good will.  He said he would be up on Hollywood Blvd. near Gardner for the next week or so.  Go check this art and artist in motion out. Here is a link:

Have a great day!

Steve Lindens pro-creative caravan
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2 thoughts on “Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk, April 14 2011

  1. The Vietnamese restaurant is called ‘Blossom’ and it is on the corner of 5th and Winston, two doors up from Crewest which is on Winston and at the other end of the block from the new Italian restaurant, Portofino, which opened at 5th and Main. Lastly – the Spring & 5th Spring Arts Tower space is now under construction and will be reopening in May as a 10,000 foot vintage extravaganza when The Last Bookstore relocates there from it’s 950 foot spot next to Pete’s Cafe.


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