Sniffen’ Glue = Street Art : TO THE MAX

Nomade on THE WALL at Sniffen Glue in the New Puppy Gallery.

The first evening I arrived back to Los Angeles, a dear friend told me about an Art Show I had to go to.  A good friend of ours was part of the master-mining.   It was happening the same night as the MOCA Street Art Opening and promised to be an event not to be missed.  I saw some of the other Street Artists I admired on the list either in the show or on the facebook page.

Part of THE WALL at Sniffen' Glue.

So totally tight.  Flawless.  It was a flawless show.  It felt like I entered another dimension, just shifted a bit from ours.  I am still impressed and more inspired and empowered every time I think of it.   I had been to a couple of fun events at the space in the past, before it was an official gallery.  As I walked up, I saw some buddies, had a big warm hello and headed in.

Sniffen Glue Police Car.

There are three rooms to the left, I felt pulled into.  These held the art and dimensions of Cryptik, Eddie Colla and ABCNT.  Each room creating its’ own slightly shifted vibe, yet each felt whole.  The art had come out of the box and made it onto the wall.  You then enter the main room and the art of Nomade.  It was 10 pm and the place was packed.  This room was large enough for a car.  They had made the most incredible sculpture out of a police car.  It is an incredible, wheat pasted, painted, entirely covered and it is in the center of the space just in front of THE GREAT WALL .

If You Want To Achieve Greatness..

I met up with a photographer who has been documenting street art in LA, Birdman.  We recognized each other right away and he treated me to introductions to many of the great Street Artists who had shown up to support.  Birdman was “the connector” and has documented the set up of the gallery as well as the opening.  I missed him on my way out.  I felt so grateful to see what these artists have done.  There work is exalted in this setting.  Truly inspiring.  I can’t wait to go back and see it again.

Click here for a link to BIRDMAN’s photo’s.

The show is up now and is called:

Sniffin’ Glue

The Fearless Art of
ABCNT, Cryptik, Nomadé, Eddie Colla

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