James Hayward at Richard Telles Fine Art

On Beverly at Martel in Los Angeles
Jimmy Hayward at Richard Telles Fine Art on Beverly at Martel in Los Angeles, CA

James Hayward has a show up at Richard Telles Fine Art on Beverly until January 14, 2012.  It’s part of the Pacific Standard Time exhibits across California.  A huge Hayward fan, this show gave me a sense of time, free-will and understanding.  I am in love with Jimmy’s paintings and they always conger lusciousness and detail and smashing up ideas of perfection in imperfection.  Surface.  Perspective.  Yummyness.  Wonder.  Hayward’s paintings are exalted.

A James Hayward Painting owned by Andrea LaHue
James Hayward's painting from his series referring to his four grandparents diverse cultures. Four colors become one.
James Hayward's Cigar Box Painting

These paintings are in my private collection.  I think they are great works to look at before you go to the show.   I love looking at them.   They are placed in my home, so I see them all the time from my desk on either end of the room.  For me, they are holy and hopeful and they bring good things.

Hayward’s show at Richard Telles shows where he has come from and his mastery.  From one end of the spectrum to the other, I wonder how he did it, does it.  The colors, the paintings are bigger then themselves somehow.  There is a purity as well.  When you stop by the show, check out the gray one.  Just stand before it and see it hum.

p.s. When you sign the book on the way out, take a moment and read the first page of the book James Hayward: Works 1975-2007

p.p.s. Here’s a post from Spring 2011:  James Hayward in Moorepark, CA


2 thoughts on “James Hayward at Richard Telles Fine Art

  1. Keep up the good work !! I laughed and laughed at the one where the portly lady wasn’t having any of your paints on her walls LMMFAO


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