Yellow is the Color that Binds


Andrea LaHue aka Random Act painting in West Virginia
Andrea LaHue aka Random Act In West Virginia. Photo By Emily O. Garnett


Yellow is the color that binds everything in my Random Act paintings.  It’s the color in which I sketch out the giant flower.  I then mix my red and blue to make a dark purple, and re-sketch, creating highs and lows.  Once this is done, I take a breath, the flower is there.  I originally did this, so that I would have something, as quickly as possible… in the case I was chased off by someone…

She's not having a flower on this building! West Virginia

Above was in West Virginia.  The bank attendant was not having me paint there….

Once these two outlines are up, I go in with a little red and various mixes of blue and yellow to make greens.  Concentrating on getting the stem and leaves… again, thinking about how to get it up as fast as possible with the most impact, in the least amount of time.  Then I concentrate on filling in the petals, I’m almost there.

Melrose Lily by Andrea LaHue aka Random Act

Above, is just after I fell off the ladder, on Melrose in Los Angeles.



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