“we found it”

Random Act Tulip and Parker as taken by Patti, after finding it around the corner. x
Random Act and Parker as captured by Patti McAllister Renick

Yesterday I was out in Altadena California and found a perfect spot for a Random Act on my way out of town.  A Tulip for my friend Patti.  Altadena was my 49th City and I wrote about it yesterday on my other blog. http://crosscountryrandomactsofflowers.blogspot.com/

Patti and I have been friends for years and share the love for a poem my grandfather told me when I asked him what his favorite flower was, he said:

Tulips in the garden,
Tulips in the park,
the kind of Tulips I like
are Tulips in the Dark.”

Patti shared this poem with her sons as they grew up.

This morning, when I received this picture and the caption “We found it!”, it made my day.  Then, as I write this blog, I realize something special has come full circle.

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