Plant and Play

Abutilon Palmeri aka California Bush Poppy by Andrea LaHue aka Random Act

As I was walking the “kids” about a week or so ago, I stopped to take this picture.  I could tell it was a native, as the yard was planted in a conscious way.

The owner of the house, Stephanie, came over to say hello and offered the name of the flower whose essence I was attempting to capture.  An Abutilon Palmeri, aka a California Bush Poppy.

I had noticed the yard before and “Plant and Play,” the words on the truck out front.  There are also perfectly placed, sixties –VW style, multi-colored flower decals on the new truck.  I noticed. I had seen it there before and laughed at the parallels.

Turns out Stephanie is the owner of “Plant and Play” and has gone from being a highly regarded photographer and is now a highly regarded landscape designer. Here ia the link for Plant and Play: : Family Friendly Garden Design.  It’s Earth friendly too.



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