Photo by Karin Lindberg Freda

A huge thank you goes out to my friends, colleagues and the Street Art community for their loving support of Americana!

My heartfelt thanks goes to:  My family, my best friend who flew in from the DC area and gave me one of the best moments of my life;  and Kim Mack for her expertise and friendship.

photo by Roo Kahn for SreetArtInLA.

The Photographers who came and spent some time with me: Karin Lindberg FredaPhotoJeninc Jennifer Jaimes andRoo Kahn;

The DJ’s: Buzz Can’t DJ and DJ TY whom everyone loved and who’s music perfectly enhanced the opening;

Kevin Will photo by Karin Lindberg Freda

The incredible Actors Kevin Will and Will Dixon, who’s performances added a rare and deeply moving experience;

Will Dixon and Andrea LaHue photo by Karin Lindberg Freda

The Artists with whom I collaborated: Amber Lee AbbottBryan SnyderMatthew Fontana, Hobley, Karin Lindberg FredaKHNO7LydiaEmilyPhobik and War-n-Buff-It;

Angels in America by Amber Lee Abbott and Andrea LaHue aka Random Act

StreetArtIsDead for the video; all of the subscribers and people who share their “Random Acts” and last but not least the Press: Gregory Linton for the Huffington PostCartwheelColors in LA,  LAistLA Street Art GalleryLos Angeles BeatMelrose and Fairfax and Paper Paste and Paint.

Here’s a selection of press:

A Huge Huge Thank You to everyone.Please check back for more in-depth posts with my collaborators.


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