Pre Earth Day Random Act, Birds of a Feather…

On Sunday, I did a little Pre Earth Day celebrating, by painting a mural on Pico at Curson in Los Angeles.

It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles, and lots of folks stopped by to say hello and thank me for the “random act.”  Yesterday, Colors in LA, a street art blog, forwarded me this note, sent to them via email:

Subject: Pico & Curson


I am a resident of Curson ave, just south of Pico and you (or someone) just painted a cherry blossom branch with a bird on a small building on Pico.

First I want to say it so beautiful and secondly thank you for doing this.  Our neighborhood is actually very nice, but too many of the businesses on Pico nearby my street make NO effort to keep their properties in even decent condition.

This random act of BEAUTY I hope will catch on.

thank you again!

Best regards,


Thank you Colors in LA, thank you AJ.  It’s my biggest pleasure to paint flowers for the people.

I went home and painted several flower maps to make up the 13 I would be pasting up around Los Angeles, to celebrate Earth Day.

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