Random Act of Flowers – Update

I wanted to update everyone on the latest with my case.  The Los Angeles City Attorney decided to arraign me for Misdemeanor Vandalism and I go to court on the 10th of October.  Not good news… I’ll let you know what happens.  Yes, it came as a shock.  No, my lawyer has not been able to get any information from the courts about the case, going on 5 months now… and what they did tell her, that I would not be charged, turns out, was not true.  It’s all stressful in a way I have not experienced before… between the attack, the arrest and not being able to count on what the police say is so unsettling, as my very intension and several years of making a contribution to society seems to be falling on completely deaf and/or unreasonable ears…. Honestly, this was my fear in the deep south… not in Los Angeles California.

Here’s an interview from the LAist about the attack and arrest… prior to the police/court going back on their word:

LAist interview by Sharon Knolle on Random Act Artist Andrea LaHue (photo by Clayton Spangler)
LAist interview by Sharon Knolle on Random Act Artist Andrea LaHue

Here is another article, previous to the LAist :

by Adrianne for Kiss FM the Stitch
by Adrianne for Kiss FM the Stitch

In the mean time….

WOOD METAL SCREW is up at the Gabba Gallery until October 5.  It’s really unique group show and there is no canvas allowed.  I have a painting on an old 1970″s mirror, a few metal sketches and some other completely unique pieces….  That said, all the pieces, by all the artists are inspiring to me and the show has gotten great reviews by those who came out for the opening.  Another successful show for the Gabba Gallery.  Thank you Jason, Jaime and Emma, for all your hard and wonderful work on this show!


PINK opens October 5 at the Hot Rod Gallery in Westwood.
(from CantStopGoodBoy’s website)


Come join us for PINK Presented by: H|R

An estimated 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed among women in the United States during 2013; about 2,240 new cases are expected in men.

Early detection and improved treatment has a direct impact on survival.

HOT ROD will be donating a portion of all sales during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to this worthy cause.

The show opens: OCTOBER 5th 

Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm 

exhibition will continue through OCTOBER 31st

PLEASE RSVP TOhttps://pink-hotrod.eventbrite.com

Address: 2253 Westwood blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064

Sponsored by: POPwater, CSGB mgmt, and H|R

Thank you for checking this update.  I realized after the attack I struggled greatly to keep on top of these posts, and my other social media sites.  This coupled with the stress of being thrown in jail and then not being able to trust the police, has resulted in such stress and anxiety impacting my life in ways I could not have imagined before… not posting has been one of the casualties.

Here’s a toast to getting back on the horse… as they say.

Have a lovely day.  Andrea LaHue aka Random Act




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