My Gallery asked me to make some paintings for their Wish List show that starts tomorrow at The Gabba Gallery.  It’s a $1000 and under, cash and carry show so collectors of any income range are included.  Of course this goes along with my “flowers for the people” motto…  I wanted to make paintings that were vital and as important as any other work I have done and, as with the best paintings, they really started to talk to me as I was in the process.

The pictures in the background are images I took on my Cross Country Random Act of Flowers Journey.  When the transfers did not come out as “finely” as I wanted, and seemed “faded” I thought how interesting… as I have struggled with my American ideals and how they compare to reality.  My recent persecution brought this front and center for me… and here it was happening as I was bringing my vision into reality, co:creating with the universe, as I like to say.  There is a huge difference between something imagined and then bringing it forth into reality… but that process, in large part,  is where the juice lies… in the twists and turns.

Once I realize that our American ideals are fading, I thought… then what is the key, what makes the difference.  For me, GOD or the Universe, or all that is… usually shows itself through humans, in their humanity and nature.  So that’s what I brought to the forefront, lovingly.

There are some process and final shots.

I also did a collaboration with Jason Ostro who is the Director of the Gabba Gallery.  He does the patterns in the background… I painted a big, juicy flower on each panel, there are three.

Enjoy the photo’s and maybe I will see you Saturday.



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