Swift Kick

As you may imagine, I sketch flowers often.  Any one of my family and friends have Random Act flower sketches, gifted over the years.

Recently, while playing around with Adobe’s new creative apps I came up with these really cute flower designs.  It’s opened a whole new rabbit hole!



I wanted to see if I could use the same formula for some photos I took during “Hot August Nights,” a vintage car show that takes over Reno Nevada every August.  I wanted to touch on my love for old cars and trucks, plus, offer something more “unisex” than the flowers.

The Little Red Corvette was published on RedBubble, 2 days before we heard Prince had died.  He was obviously on my mind.  I think he would like the verve in this little car image.

Of course this old cop car reminded me of The Blues Brothers movies… when they were asked if they were cops, they said, “No Mam, We’re Musicians.”  Super funny movie…

If you know me, you know I love old trucks.  I love their curves, and in a way, they speak of freedom to me.

I’ve put all these images, and there are more to come, for sale, on various products, in my Redbubble  shop.

Redbubble  works for me for a couple of reasons.  One, the products are well crafted, two, there is a 100% money back guarantee, three, I can keep painting and creating while they manufacture and ship your products out.  The only drawback, I don’t know who purchases the products unless YOU let me know, so let me know!  Send a picture of you in your new T-shirt or sitting by your cool pillow, let’s celebrate.

I call the series “Swift Kick” because after a lifetime of creating these types of drawings, so swiftly, they took on a new life, one that looks sweet and funny to me.

So, keep an eye on my Redbubble  store, get yourself a SWIFT KICK, lest you get yourself a swift kick in the pants! Ha!








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