Liberty and the Joy of Life in a Commissioned Painting




Recently I had the honor of painting a commission for someone I admire greatly.  The piece, for their living room, I was given a color pallet and the freedom to create something perfect.

Sitting with all the ideas that come, allowing some to rise to the surface.  I find trying to explain the thought pattern, dreaming and timing that goes into the first stroke, would make it too small for the feeling.  I love that part… of holding all the possibilities open and co-creating, or surfing the energy of what could be.




Above are some details of the painting.  The Statue of Liberty is on the middle layers and her ideals speak to the heart of the person who commissioned the painting.  There are other symbols, seen and unseen, known and unknown, which reflect the depth of a thought, a person, an ideal, the orchestra of one’s life.  Some of the many things an orchid speaks to me of are exotic beauty, esoteric knowledge and a heartiness to survive and thrive through the ages.

Perfect in the space and perfect for the person, I am really happy with the outcome.  It was wonderful being in the experience of painting the piece… I love when I feel like “I hit it out of the ball park.”

Andrea LaHue
aka Random Act


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