Daffodils on an Electrical Box In Los Angeles 

In November of 2015 I was awarded the honor of painting three more electrical boxes in downtown Los Angeles, California (DTLA). 

Another Random Act Electrical Box is on 7th and Spring, done in 2014, of an endangered california desert lily called a Miraposa. 

Above is the Miraposa Lily on 7th and Spring DTLA. 

I was given a map, showing me the locations of where to find my electrical boxes.  It’s perfect, they are in the flower district.  

I started with the one on 8th and San Julian.

My truck, lovingly known as The “Dan Mobile,” figures prominently… This was the perfect parking spot.

My “ode to street art” background… I always write messages in there, to set the tone.

Daffodils are so bright and happy.  They speak to me of the sunshine of spring and all the possibilities.  I’ve seen them grow wild in the fields of Virginia and Tennessee, the first bulbs up, to my delight.


Andrea LaHue aka Random Act




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