Flowers for the People, #FlowersforthePeople, is a hashtag I use often.  It goes to the heart of what I want for myself, for my community, for my city, for my country, for my earth… And so on.

There are many quotes about flowers, from wise men and women, in poetry, music and spiritual text.  Some of our most beloved art, yes, I’m thinking Van Goch, O’Keefe, Monet, and the like, are of flowers.  They speak to humanity of what is real, they are beyond language, mere words.  They are beyond the dogma of spiritual text and person, yet they send a message rooted in love…. And when a person takes the time to behold one, be with one, all language falls away, and you can feel the great mystery and be filled by it.

I’ve been attracted to being with flowers and painting them, all of my life.  As far back as I can remember, my mother still has the evidence, I painted red daisies with a yellow center.  I can remember over-coming the dilemma of trying to create a Daisy on white paper… I was younger then five, just in or before kindergarten, in Salzburg, Austria.  Too young to figure out to draw a thin line, in the shape of a petal, I just decided to make my petals red.  This was my signature flower throughout kindergarten and beyond.  I’ll ask my Mom to send pictures of some of the peices, still in existence, for another post. 

Painting giant flowers makes so much sense to me.  After sharing my flowers locally, I took the idea across the country, painting  giant flowers on main streets, communing with the locals, I can tell you, our separation is delusion.  

Random Act in Los Angeles photo by @streetartlosangeles Roo Kahn

Please consider supporting the flowers via the 501(c)(3) via FracturedAtlas, here.

I also have STRET ART FLOWERS, a series of paintings on canvas, for sale at Muse on 8th through August, with an artist reception on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 7-10 pm. 

If you are an interested collector, consider coming over for tea and a studio visit.

Perhaps you would love a wall in your home or yard, bedazzled by flowers, or a commissioned piece to celebrate an occasion.  Have yourself a Random Act, it will be imbued with the feeling of beholding pure love.

Andrea LaHue aka Random Act


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