In an old portfolio in the back of the studio, I found these t-shirt sketches I did in NYC in the late 1990’s.  I was pitching them to a company called 90 Degrees, a few were printed… About a year ago someone sent me a picture of one of them.

I remember I was scuba diving back then, in love and modeling for Ellen Tracy.

Using, what I call “energy” lines, geometric shapes and patterns in a beloved sketching style I’ve cycled into my paintings in different ways, over time.  From the Beleif Series, done around the same period, to the skateboard decks, I can even see it in the Swift Kick Series in my redbubble store, and the spray painted energy lines in the Street Art Flowers exhibition, up now in Los Angeles.

Some of these make me almost cringe/giggle with their naïveté, yet it’s nice to find them, be inspired by them, in an entirely new way.


Andrea LaHue aka Random Act


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