“I find divinity in nature, sans dogma.  I like to layer thoughts, people, scenes, history, sometimes in the form of maps, pictures, marks… sometimes, layers of “not so pretty”… I like my paintings to become themselves, to embrace everything and find its good feeling.  In a way, to redeem the ordinary, allowing its divine.  That’s what I like to be immersed in.”     – Andrea LaHue


Andrea LaHue aka Random Act painting in West Virginia
Andrea LaHue aka Random Act In West Virginia. Photo By Emily O. Garnett
“It also in my humble opinion an example of why artists exist – to help us lost humans get back into balance and into reflection.” -Kate Remington, Racine, WI
“you inspire me!!!!ima take your advise and create create create!! keep in touch. =)!” – Christina.
“One Heart flowering, sprouting seeds of Peace for all to see! Simply Buddha-full, Andrea!
– MasterKey4U

“so beautiful–your work in Peru Indiana has encouraged the close environs to be shaped up. Thanks. joey k, Peru, Indiana


Taken by Clayton Spangler in Chalreston West Virginia.
Andrea LaHue aka Random Act has been awarded fiscal sponsorship by Fractured Artists, which enables her  projects to run as a non-profit 501(C)(3). Donate now!

Andrea LaHue aka Random Act, is widely recognized for her monumental botanical paintings across America.  As an Army brat, her travels exposed her to art throughout Europe and the Americas and inspired her to uplift and instigate with her practice. LaHue’s paintings have displayed at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) twice and she has exhibited internationally.  LaHue has painted murals in over 51 U.S. Cities as well as city sanctioned electrical boxes in downtown Los Angeles.  International news sources, including The Washington Post, LA Times, NBC News, The Associated Press, as well as several notable blogs, have featured her artwork and millions have seen her work on Martha Stewart Living and How I Met Your Mother.

LaHue’s socially conscious art ranges from giant murals to delicate historical portraits and she has enjoyed collaborating with great artists such as Cyrcle.  LaHue has spoken on panels and round tables for esteemed entities such as the LA Times and Marymount University.  Andrea LaHue has participated in many fundraising projects, such as Angeleno Artistry, organizes a yearly #earthdaystreet event, runs a blog benefiting artists called ( and has partnered with the GOOGLE Cultural Institute’s Street Art Platform where she curates on-line exhibitions documenting Street Art in Los Angeles, California., here:

LaHue is erasing the boundaries between street art, public art and fine art.

Here’s the link for my official website.

Press and Blog coverage:

Please click on links below for full article. Listed as an artist to watch for in Richard Wiesman’s book, From Picasso to PopListed with other great artists: Warhol collector paying a visit to the Parkwood Gallery Associated Press Billboard Story Link: Billboard Link: Associated Press article about the CNN Series:

Copyright 2016 Andrea LaHue all rights reserved.

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