Fine Art/Products/Non-Profit

Buying an original piece of art directly from the artist.  Please see current works at


Buy a HAND EMBELLISHED PRINT.  A high quality print of an original painting, given the “treatment” and signed.  One of a kind.  Contact me for more information.

For RANDOM ACT Redbubble Store, click here.

Legendary Rebel, 2012
Legendary Rebel, 2012

For prints, please click here. Quality Prints -100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Andrea LaHue aka Random Act is a non-profit 501(c)(3) under the umbrella.  This means my work and projects have been deemed beneficial to the public.  With my public practice, my goal is to uplift, beautify and Inspire. Here’s a link with examples of projects benefiting from your support: Random Act Projects, such as the RandomActProjects blog .

Donations can be made directly via the Fractured Atlas website HERE:

For more ways to support Random Act Project click HERE.

Copyright 2016 Andrea LaHue all rights reserved.

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